saunter, stroll, amble can all mean to walk slowly and more or less aimlessly, especially in the open air.
Saunter suggests a leisurely pace and an idle and carefree mind (sauntering about the streets, loitering in a coffeehouse— Fielding)

he had stepped out into the street well ahead of the man sauntering toward the doorway— Maclnnes

Stroll differs from saunter chiefly in its implications of an objective (as sight-seeing or exercise) pursued without haste and sometimes with wandering from one place to another

then we strolled for half the day through stately theaters— Tennyson


the notables of the town . . . stroll past with the dignity of Roman senators— Huxley

Amble occasionally conveys the same implications as saunter or sometimes stroll, but it more often suggests merely an easy, effortless gait comparable to that of an ambling horse

you were just ambling around that party, eating, drinking, carefree as a bird— Wouk


New Dictionary of Synonyms. 2014.

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